The Advisory Forum (AF) is the operational arm of this Institute. It represents a wide spectrum of companies, organisations and Government Departments. It addresses issues important to the explosives industry and organisations serving the explosives industry. Meetings are open to those active in the industry.


The first meeting of the Department of Labour's Explosives Council convened in January 2007. Rather finding its feet at this meeting it promises improved communication between the Department, NIXT, and the explosives industry .

Explosives Act and regulations

The Draft Regulations of the South African Police Services are currently being readied for publication by their legal department. It will then be made available to the explosives industry for further scrutiny.

Transport Regulations

NIXT Members recently joined a special SABS Standards Committee that is addressing a standard for a special vehicle able to simultaneously transport explosives and accessories.

Attention is also given to measures that should be taken to enable a company to successfully respond to emergency. Several companies already have excellent proto teams in place and are now sharing experiences in order to ensure maximum effect.

A concern is that long distance hauls invariably covers areas under the jurisdiction of small municipalities that do not have the required experienced staff. It was also agreed that packaging of explosives to be transported needs proper certification, a matter which is not specified in the Act. It is expected that the SABS will attend to this.


After the death of Advisory Forum Member Mr Willem Pelser, generally regarded as the doyen of training in explosives technology is South Africa, some hiccups were experienced with regard to the training programs hosted by the University of South Africa. This was exacerbated by the resigning of some Unisa staff members who also resigned in the mean time.


Safex is still releasing its very valuable Incident Alert Reports that are provided to NIXT Committee Members. These reports comprise brief summaries of incidents and accidents that occurred in various countries Final reports, however, are only available to full Safex members.

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