To further the cause of the explosives industry in general, and its members in particular.

Driving force
The Institute is a service driven organisation fostering the interests of its industry. NIXT is not a Trade Association and is primarily addressing issues related to safety, health, environment, risk and quality.  Members of NIXT shall not engage in any sensitive competition related topics during meetings and conferences.  NIXT is not liable for any conduct inconsistent of the Competition Law by its members.

To express its mission, the Institute has a number of aims:
•    To establish neutral platforms where members of industry may discuss common interests and problems and exchange opinions and ideas. These platforms may take the form of conferences, workshops, public lectures, or otherwise the normal meetings of the Institute;
•    To disseminate information;
•    To keep track with a changing community in order to ensure continued stability of the industry;
•    To establish communication channels on national and international levels;
•    To assist with the revision of regulations and legislature relevant to the industry;
•    To promote activities aimed at safety, health and environment;
•    To assist with training actions;
•    To identify and acknowledge excellence in industry.

The Institute's culture is strongly influenced by its slogan, Ignem Continemus -- "We control the fire", and includes the following features:
•    High ethical values;
•    a commitment to safety, health and the environment;
•    a professional approach;
•    vitality;
•    entrepreneurship;
•    a multi-disciplinary nature;
•    security and discipline;
•    quality awareness;
•    consideration for training and experience;
•    a regard for historical values;

The Institute's principal competitive advantages are
•    Its neutrality when competing Members have to address common interests;
•    its specific focus on the explosives industry;
•    the expertise of its members;
•    its understanding of and involvement in the formulation of the industry's needs;
•    the extent of the industry which it represents;
•    its bargaining position when the interests of the industry need to be addressed;
•    the industry's involvement with the Institute;
•    its ability to draw up user and safety directives for the industry;
•    its proven involvement with a wide spectrum of disciplines in industry.

The affairs of the Institute are handled by a Management comprising five elected members. An Advisory Forum resorting under the Management handles aspects related to the aims of the Institute.  The infrastructure and general administration of the Institute is handled by a Secretary that is appointed on a part-time but permanent basis.
The Institute has Individual, Associate, Corporate and Invited Members representing a wide spectrum of the South African commercial and military industries, organizations and bodies rendering services to the explosives industry. Interaction with its members and those on its extensive mailing list is largely effected through E-mails and its Website.
Excellence in our industry is identified and acknowledged by the presentation of honorary medals and certificates.

Track Record
NIXT was founded in 1988 and is currently widely recognised in South Africa and abroad.  Five International symposia and a number of national conferences, workshops and public lectures have been presented.  Visits by overseas experts have been facilitated and their expertise made available to industry.  A number of overseas visits have also been arranged for members during which contacts have been made and valuable access to international tendencies and expertise has been obtained.  Local and overseas enquiries concerning South African facilities, sources and markets are received on a regular basis and channelled to appropriate parties.
In 2000 NIXT was invited to become an Associate Member of SAFEX, an international organisation involved with monitoring and fostering safety in the explosives industry and subsequently in 2004 an affiliate of ISSE, The International Society of Explosives Engineers in the USA.

Apart from Individual Members, the Institute also has a number of Corporate and Associate Members representing a wide spectrum of the South African explosives and related industries, organisations and providers of services and goods.  
The following categories of membership exist:
•    Corporate Members --- companies that are directly involved with the handling of explosives and/or related systems;
•    Associate Members --- companies, organizations and bodies that render services or supply goods to the explosives industry or that are involved with relevant legislation or monitoring;
•    Individual Members --- individuals that are active in the industry.
•    Invited Members – Legislators, the SAPS (CIE), DoL (Explosives and MHI) and DMR (Mine, Health & Safety)
For information about membership fees, contact the Secretary.
Advantages for Members are as follows:
•    The maintenance and furthering of the activities of a healthy and widely-recognised neutral organisation that is prepared to look after their interests;
•    delegation of staff members to attend symposia, workshops and short courses.
•    facilitation of overseas visits;
NIXT is open to your requests and suggestions.
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