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-All interested persons from the Explosives and related industries -  

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NIXT is not a Trade Association and is primarily addressing issues related to safety, health, environment, risk and quality. Members of NIXT shall not engage in any sensitive competition related topics during meetings and conferences. NIXT is not liable for any conduct inconsistent of the Competition Law by its members.




It is my privilege to present the annual report of the National Institute for explosives (NIXT), for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018.


During the preparation of a presentation to highlight NIXT and its recent activities at the 6th Annual Explosives Manager Workshop hosted by the DoL, I noted that NIXT was founded on the 28th March 1988, which means that the Institute has been in existence for thirty years now - a milestone indeed!


Our purpose is to provide a neutral platform where all stakeholders can participate in learning events which particularly relate to the safe manufacturing and handling of explosives. Opportunities to do this are primarily provided through the running of regular Advisory Forum Meetings as well as Conferences.


 During the course of the year, three successful conferences were held which were enthusiastically supported as noted by the high attendance levels and good feedback received from attendees. In this regard, the NIXT Management team have actively tried to include relevant conference topics which are also of benefit to a wider perspective of individuals involved in the explosives industry.


Following on from the successful publishing of our SA customised Good Practice document entitled the “ Safe Handling, Storage and Emergency Response of Ammonium Nitrate (PPAN/PGAN/TGAN)” on the NIXT website, planning is underway to prepare three further documents, namely on “ Pumpable Emulsions and Transportation”, Waste Disposal” and       “Radio Frequency”. It is anticipated that the Good Practice document on “Pumpable Emulsions and Transportation” will be completed by the end of this calendar year (2018).  


We also continued to maintain our close association and on-going networking with our regulators from the CIE, DoL and the DMR. The DMR representative at NIXT, Mr Kevin Hewitson retired during the year, and in his stead we welcome Mr Shimanyana (“ Shakes”) Kgosieman.l


NIXT also has close ties with SAFEX, The Institute of Makers Explosives (IME) and the International Society of Explosives Engineers (ISEE) through our Associate Membership.


NIXT will continue in its endeavour, which was started by my predecessors, to not only become more representative of the key role players in the explosives industry, but in particular to heighten the awareness of the important role that NIXT plays in promoting safety in our industry. 




The current NIXT membership profile is as follows:


  • Corporate: 6 (Sasol, AEL, BME, RDM,  PMP and MAXAM)
  • Associate: 22
  • Individual: 11
  • Invited:      3


We welcome two new Associate Members:


  • Orepass & Mining Technologies (OMT)
  • Lochroux (Pty) Ltd


There were no resignations during the year.




NIXT Management comprises of company members who serve on a voluntary basis towards meeting the goals of NIXT and its members.


During the course of the year, Petrus Cloete stepped down from the management team but will continue to be involved with NIXT through the Associate Membership of his new consulting company, OMT. For his on-going support and contribution to NIXT through his active involvement as both a management member and past chairman of NIXT, Petrus was awarded the prestigious NIXT Gold Medal in January.


Ernest Hodgson kindly agreed to join and continue representation from RDM. We welcome him onto the management team and have no doubt that he will bring valued support and insight!


The current management team is as follows:


Chairperson:                           John Mellor  (Commercial, Sasol)

Advisory Forum Chairperson: Cheryl Kelly (Commercial, AELMS)

Secretary:                                Stuart Tough (Individual Memember, NIXT)

Member:                                  Dawie Mynhardt (Commercial, BME)

Member:                                  Nomsa Moila (Commercial, MAXAM)

Member:                                  Piet Halliday (SAFEX/IME/ISEE)

Member:                                  Ernest Hodgson (Armament Manufacturing, RDM)

Member:                                  Berta Fourie (Armament Manufacturing, PMP) 


A special word of thanks to all management members for their on-going dedication to serve on the management committee. It is highly appreciated!


On behalf of the Management committee, I would also like to thank Corrie Rautenbach who represented the mining industry during part of the year.


Thanks once again goes to Stuart and Liz Tough for the detailed work they do to ensure that not only the necessary NIXT payments are made timeously, but for their dedicated commitment to follow up on both membership and conference fees, as well as for the detailed arrangements that go into making the NIXT Conferences and meetings a success.





I am pleased to report that NIXT is in good Financial Standing for the audited year ending 31st  December 2017.


After significant reflection and in order to maintain the financial sustainability of NIXT in the light of on-going cost increases, it was agreed by the Management in January to increase conference fees to R900 for members and to R1,800 for non-members. Management members also volunteered to pay for their attendance at conferences in future.





A special note of thanks to UNISA (Florida Campus for making their facilities available to us for the April course and July conference.


The courses and conferences were as follows:


Number 66: “Explosives Risk Assessment Course” (April 2017)

Number 67: “Environment and Waste” (July 2017)

Number 68: “Emergency Response” (October 2017)




The following aspects were pursued during the course of the year and will continue to receive attention:


  • Improve effectiveness with regard to reaching operating personnel such

      as plant supervisors and foremen in the industry – particularly though the appropriate  

      selection of conference topics and invited guest speakers;


  • Improvement of the visibility of the work done by NIXT to senior and influential managers and directors;


  • The preparation of Good Practice documents, particularly tailored to assisting the SA Explosives Industry;


  • Provide value, where appropriate, through the link between Regulators and the Industry.


Consideration will in future also be given to upgrading the NIXT website which will include quick search engine capability.




I would like to take this opportunity to thank all NIXT members for their continued support and participation in NIXT over the last year, and wish Management and Members a successful year ahead.



Dr John Mellor

14 April 2018



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